Best Cutting Stack

Cutting Stacks

Cutting or shredding is one of the key stages in any bodybuilding journey of an athlete. It comes with a lot of sacrifice and commitment. You get to avoid most of the meals you love and monitor every calorie you intake to ensure you attain maximum body fat loss. Best cutting stacks cycles are tough but inevitable, so grit your teeth and plow through to that washboard stomach you’ve been picturing. The key objective of shredding is maintaining maximum lean muscle while losing maximum body fat.

Athletes who want optimal shredding maintain their bodies in anabolic states while losing body fat. Steroids that trigger muscle retention are one of the successful tools to use during the cutting cycle. Not all steroids are the same, some are more effective than others, and some can even promote fat loss. Steroids work best with a proper diet. Even if you have the most potent steroids and a poor diet, you will not achieve the expected results in your cutting cycle.

The detailed guide will provide ample information on the best cutting stack. We will cover the best cutting stacks, benefits, work, and possible side effects. 

What Are Cutting Stacks?

Cutting stacks are fat-losing supplement sets made up of combinations of other supplements. The combination has been formulated and designed to be used during the shredding/cutting phase of an athlete’s bodybuilding program. The main goal of the cutting stacks is to lose maximum body fat while retaining lean muscle. The popular bodybuilding strategy many bodybuilders use is alternating between shredding and bulking, achieving the best physique.

There are different types of cutting stacks in the market from different brands. They offer different benefits to athletes and come with various side effects. Suppose you want to achieve maximum results from your cutting phase. It’s best to pick the best cutting stack. Some anabolic steroids are very efficient during the shredding phase. However, you can still find non-anabolic steroids, which are also efficient.

Best cutting stack for fat loss

Below is a list of the best cutting stacks for your shredding phase. All these fitness compounds will help you achieve the best physique during your shredding phase.


Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the most potent shredding steroids, and it’s used in most cutting stacks. The compound has a superior ability to achieve fat oxidation while retaining the muscle tissues. Hence achieving a lean, vascular and hard body physique. Anavar is an oral steroid with a higher anabolic rating than testosterone. Despite its high anabolic rating, it’s not useful during bulking and will offer minimal muscle gain.

It helps the body burn fat by enhancing the lipolysis process. By preserving the muscle tissues, the compound maintains a healthier metabolic rate. Its main benefit is boosting the metabolism. Athletes burn fat while retaining the lean muscle mass they have achieved. The compound also increases muscle strength, gaining the athlete a harder, more efficient workout and cardio sessions. Anavar doesn’t trigger aromatizing activity. Players don’t need to worry about gaining water muscles. But they will get a more defined physique and increased vascularity.

The average dosage of Anavar is 30mg to 60mg, depending on the intensity of the cutting period. Fitness experts recommend an eight weeks maximum when using Anavar. The compound is greatly associated with liver toxicity. The compound also lacks any estrogenic effects. However, its androgenic effects, like acne and hair loss, are mild. Anavar being an oral steroid, will strain the liver. It’s considered moderately hepatotoxic.


Winstrol (Stanozolol) is very popular among athletes for having excellent results in the cutting phase and enhancing the athletes’ performances. The compound is based on dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but is less androgenic than standard DHT. It’s 1/5th of the testosterone and has gained immense popularity among non-bodybuilders due to its benefits. The compound increases speed and strength, providing great benefits to the joints.

Unlike most steroids, Winstrol reduces SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), thus increasing the natural production of testosterone in the body. Even though it’s not a bulking supplement, the steroid improves protein synthesis and increases nitrogen retention. However, it’s not as efficient as bulking steroids. With enhanced strength and speed, athletes using the compound will lose body fat and enjoy supercharged cardio sessions. The compound also promotes muscle hardening, giving the athletes a shredded and more defined physique. The strength also enhances stronger joints, one of the key issues athletes deal with during the shredding phase.

The recommended dosage range for Winstrol is 25mg to 50mg daily when taken orally. When administered through injection, athletes should take 50mg every two days. Since the compound is administered through injection and orally, it has several side effects. Its liver toxicity is very high, higher than that of Anavar. It also causes testosterone suppression. Hence you will need exogenous testosterone during the Winstrol cutting cycle.

It has mild androgenic effects and no estrogenic effects. But it can negatively impact the body’s cholesterol levels.


Clenbuterol isn’t a steroid; instead, it’s a beta2-agonist with bronchodilator traits and causes steroid-type effects. It’s very popular among athletes who want weight loss and performance enhancement using non-anabolic steroid compounds. The compound was originally formulated as an asthma treatment but gained more popularity due to its weight loss capabilities. With its potent metabolic booster capabilities, the compound can trigger body fat loss and lean muscle growth. Unfortunately, it won’t trigger massive muscle growth like the anabolic steroids.

Clenbuterol enhances body fat loss and gain of lean muscle by boosting the metabolic rate triggered by increased body temperature. High body temperature comes with possible side effects. But some athletes reported the side effects stopped after two weeks of continuous use. With the increased metabolism, the body burns fat more efficiently, especially when one is in the cutting phase. Despite encouraging body fat loss, Clenbuterol has minor anabolic properties. It triggers mild increases in protein synthesis and prevents muscle wastage.

The starting daily dosage is 40mcg, with the option of increasing as one progresses in the cutting cycle. Some athletes go as high as 140mcg daily, the total maximum dosage. Like regular anabolic steroids, Clenbuterol comes with various side effects. The main side effects include increased heart rate, sweating, blood sugar levels, anxiety, chest pain, and faster breathing and heart rate. While the compound isn’t a fat loss supplement, it’s a potent metabolic booster.


Trenbolone comes with plenty of benefits during a shredding cycle. The only challenge is the side effects associated with the compound. It’s considered one of the most potent anabolic steroids with impressive results. Trenbolone is efficient during both the bulking and shredding phases. However, during the cutting phase, it is best stacked with Winstrol to get optimal results. The compound is categorized as a nandrolone-derived steroid and has an impressive 500:500 anabolic/androgenic ratio.

During the cutting phase, Trenbolone keeps the nitrogen levels balanced. Hence the athletes don’t fall into a catabolic state and lose lean muscles. It also boosts the body’s metabolism by reducing stress hormones. Its strong binding capabilities on the androgen receptor trigger direct fat burning. Athletes using the compound get to lose body fat while retaining lean muscle. They also enjoy enhanced fat-burning capabilities when the compound binds to the androgen receptors. Additionally, the benefits of using Trenbolone include enhanced hardness and vascularity.

Athletes are encouraged to take small amounts to minimize side effects. The starting dosage is 50mg every two days, possibly increasing to 200mg every other day. Even though Trenbolone doesn’t cause water retention, it has several side effects that vary from athlete to athlete. Higher dosages are greatly associated with blood pressure and Estrogenic effects. Athletes have experienced the following severe side effects: increased sweating, loss of libido, increased heart rate, anxiety, and insomnia.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate isn’t as popular as Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate, which are larger ester compounds. But it can still be very useful for athletes during the cutting phase. It is testosterone attached to a propionate ester and one of the fast-acting supplements with a two days half-life. When ingested, the compound provides the body with a stable supply of testosterone. Bodybuilders in the cutting phase looking for external sources of testosterone will greatly benefit from Testosterone Propionate.

As a reliable testosterone supplement, Testosterone Propionate provides the necessary supply of testosterone during a cutting cycle. The compound doesn’t enhance water retention; its preferred dosage should be 25 to 50mg every two days. Athletes can avoid the side effects of high dosage by using small doses of the compound. Possible androgenic effects include hair loss and acne. It will also suppress testosterone levels, hence the need for PCT after the cutting cycle.


Primobolan (Methenolone) can be ingested orally or via injection and is known for facilitating fat loss. Even though it’s very popular among athletes in the cutting cycle, it has a very low anabolic rating. Thus not suitable for bulking cycles. The compound is one of the best cutting cycle dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroids. It works by enhancing nitrogen retention and increasing protein synthesis.

It promotes lean muscle retention and has an impressive androgen receptor binding capability. The binding activity promotes the lipolysis process. Since the compound encourages zero water retention, athletes can attain a hardened and ripped physique. It helps the body preserve the muscle tissue during the shredding phase when one is under a calorie deficit diet. Additional benefits of Primobolan include increased strength, muscle recovery, and endurance.

The starting weekly dosage is 200mg, with some athletes progressing to as high as 500-600mg. With oral ingestion, athletes can take 50 to 150mg daily. Primobolan comes with androgenic effects and cholesterol health risks. It doesn’t have any estrogenic effects but will trigger testosterone suppression.


Masteron (Drostanolone) has been around for a long time and is very resourceful to bodybuilders in the cutting phase. The DHT-derived anabolic steroid has a 25 androgenic rating and 65 anabolic ratings. It’s not a bulking steroid, and it’s milder than testosterone hence more tolerable by male athletes. Its anti-estrogenic properties work well when stacked with other steroids during the cutting cycle. It hardens the body and reduces possible unwanted estrogenic effects triggered by other steroids.

It’s the best steroid to remove those last stubborn ounces of body fat. It will provide additional strength during calorie-deficient cutting diets. Bodybuilders don’t need to worry about water retention due to anti-estrogenic steroids. The usage period of Masteron shouldn’t last more than eight weeks. The maximum weekly dosage is 400mg, which should be split strategically. Masteron’s possible side effects are affecting the body’s cholesterol levels and suppression of natural testosterone. 


Initially developed to increase strength and lean muscle mass in horses, the Equipoise has become a versatile steroid in bodybuilding. It has a 100anabolic rating and 50 androgenic ratings. Unlike testosterone steroids, the compound is modified. Therefore it has decreased muscle-building capabilities and androgenic strength. Instead, it promotes protein synthesis and nitrogen retention while increasing IGF-1 output. When an athlete moderates the compound’s estrogenic effect, it offers maximum lean muscle mass protection.

Besides enhancing lean mass retention during a cutting cycle, the compound increases strength. It also increases the hardness and vascularity of the physique. The Equipoise cycle shouldn’t last more than eight weeks, with a weekly dosage range of 200 to 400 mg. One possible side effect of the steroid is increased appetite. The estrogenic effects can range from mild to severe, depending on the dosage. Equipoise will also trigger suppression of testosterone and possible androgenic side effects.

ECA stack

The ECA stack doesn’t contain any steroids. Instead, it’s a combination of aspirin, Ephedrine, and caffeine. A unique potent combination is formulated to encourage weight loss by stimulating several body activities. The key stimulants are Ephedrine and caffeine, while aspirin helps maintain the effects caused by the first two. Athletes using the ECA stack experience increased energy, increasing their training and burning more fat during cardio.

The Ephedrine component enhances the resting metabolic rate. Since the combination doesn’t contain steroids, there are no possible side effects caused by anabolic steroids. The recommended daily dosage is Ephedrine (20mg – 90mg), caffeine (400mg), and aspirin (81mg). Athletes who are sensitive to caffeine shouldn’t take the ECA stack.

Users, however, have to deal with side effects caused by stimulants like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and high blood pressure. Prolonged use of aspirin has been associated with gastrointestinal tract bleeding.

Steroid Stacks for the Shredding Cycle

Steroid stacks combine a minimum of two compounds during the cutting cycle. Combining the compounds allows the athletes to reap benefits from all the compounds hence achieving the best body physique. Beginners can use simple cutting stacks, while more experienced athletes can use advanced ones. Below are the best cutting stacks combinations:


The Anavar/Winstrol will offer optimal results and should be combined with testosterone. The recommended daily dosage is Winstrol (30mg) and Anavar (30 to 100mg). Athletes should start their PCT 14 days after completing their Anavar/Winstrol cutting cycle.


The Primobolan/Anavar/Deca/Test cutting cycle runs for 12 weeks. The daily dosage for Anavar is 40mg, while the weekly dosage of Primobolan is 400mg. Athletes can increase the dosage of Primobolan to 600mg when they are on week five. Deca and test should remain at 200mg weekly. The PCT cycle begins 14 days after completing this cutting cycle.

Testosterone Propionate/Trenbolone/Winstrol

The cutting stack has an eight weeks cycle. During the eight weeks, the recommended weekly dosage is Trenbolone (300mg), Winstrol (300mg), and testosterone propionate (300mg). Athletes are encouraged to maintain a strict diet and workout plans. The PCT cycle should commence ten days after completing the cycle. 

Testosterone Propionate/Trenbolone /Halotestin/Anavar

The cutting stack includes Halotestin, which is quite unpopular. It lasts eight weeks, and Halotestin shouldn’t be ingested for more than three weeks (30mg daily). Weekly dosages for other steroids are Trenbolone (300mg) and testosterone prop (300m). The daily recommended dosage for Anavar is 50mg.

Athletes have dozens of cutting stack options and which combinations to use. The four cutting stacks in our guide are among the best and guaranteed to offer optimal results during a shredding cycle. Athletes who want the best results from cutting stacks should stick to an intense cardio-burning routine and a calorie-deficit diet. Failure to have the two, you won’t be able to attain your target shredded body physique.

Grab the above cutting supplements and create your most preferred cutting stack combination. Remember, the best cutting stack combination will allow you to reap benefits from all the compounds.