How Long Do SARMs Stay In Your System?

How long do SARMs stay in your system

Many effective supplements exist in the bodybuilding world, and while some prove to be very effective, some can have severe side effects. More often bodybuilders are considering selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) as a more effective and safer way of building muscle fast. But the big question is how long do SARMs stay in your system? And are there any side effects accompanied by that?

When taking SARM products, each body will have different metabolic reactions. SARMs are used to build lean muscle, but they can also help strengthen the bones by increasing bone density. Despite their benefits, many athletes are still skeptical about using the products in their bodybuilding journey.

Like most products used in building muscles, the safety concern is very crucial. The fact that it lacks FDA approval makes the issue even more complicated. Athletes who want to use SARM products are highly encouraged to purchase the products from reputable SARM stores.

Knowing how long the SARM products stay in your system is crucial. Experts recommend athletes use other bodybuilding products or supplements only after they are confident the SARMs are no longer in their system. The precaution prevents any adverse reactions of the substances to one another in your body. Additionally, keeping track of SARMs in your body makes it easy to track your progress. The key reason for knowing how long the SARMs stay in your system is very crucial, especially when you have to undergo a drug test.

Read on and learn more about selective androgen receptor modulators and the answer to the question how long do SARMs stay in your system?

How Long do SARMs Stay in Your System?

 SARM products are administered orally, either in capsule or liquid form. However, using needles is another albeit less popular way of administering the supplements. Several factors determine how long the products will remain in your bloodstream. Having a detailed understanding of how SARMs function and how long it stays in your system comes with plenty of benefits.

Factors That Determine How Long SARM Products Remain in Your System

Below are the key factors which play a crucial role in determining how long the SARM products you use for bodybuilding will remain in your system.

Your body weight

The average 5’9 bodybuilder weighs approximately 180lbs. If you weigh more, it will take longer for the SARMs to leave your bloodstream. Bodybuilders with less weight will easily and speedily eject the SARM products from their system. A female bodybuilder weighing 135lbs, and a male bodybuilder weighing 200lbs, will experience different outcomes when they consume SARM products. Their bodies will also have different periods needed to metabolize the products thoroughly.

Metabolic Rate

Human beings have different metabolic rates, depending on their lifestyle and age. The average man has a metabolic rate of 7,100 kJ per day, which is higher than for women, which is 5,900 kJ per day. While the metabolic rate is continuous, the rate varies during the day. The metabolic rate of your body determines how fast the body ejects any ingested chemicals from the system. Our metabolic rate is mainly affected by age, gender, hormones, and level of physical activity. Athletes with a high metabolic rate will process the SARM products through their bodily systems faster than those with a slower metabolic rate.


Genetics refers to the genetic properties or features of your family line. Our genes are transferred from our parents and greatly determine our characteristics. Genetics is one of the factors that athletes can’t change about themselves, so you have to learn to work with (not against) your genetics. Athletes born with a lucky star and from a family with a history of excellent physical wellness are better placed. They will quickly expel any chemical from their system, and process the results more quickly. The unlucky athletes have no option but to be patient with their system as it processes the chemicals.


Following the correct dosage when taking any bodybuilding products will ensure optimal results while avoiding any adverse effects on your health. A 100mgs of RAD 140 taken daily has a half-life of 60 hours. The same won’t happen if you increase the daily dosage by 10mgs. You must track your consumption period and dosage. If you increase your SARM product dosage, the chemicals will stay longer in your system.

Some athletes assume that the half-life of a substance determines how long it will stay in its system. Metabolites are small traces of the compound which remain in your bloodstream long after your body has fully metabolized the compound. Half-life refers to the duration an ingested chemical takes before its levels in our blood drop to 50%.

Possible issues with SARMs

SARMs are better and safer for building lean muscles than anabolic steroids. An amateur bodybuilder and athlete can achieve tremendous lean muscle gains when using SARMs, without waiting for months.

Athletes planning to use or already using the SARM products must be careful and watch for the following possible side effects: hair loss, liver injury, gynecomastia, suppression of testosterone, acne issues, and hampering sexual health. The side effects vary from one athlete to another, while some athletes report no side effects when using SARM products.

Additionally, issues related to SARMs come from the legal status of the compound. Currently, SARM products are labelled as “researched chemicals” since FDA doesn’t approve them for human consumption. Since the products aren’t regulated in many countries, using them as a medical drug can bring legal issues. Professional athletes also have to worry about using SARMs, since they aren’t allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The agency considers the drug to be an illicit substance which will provide an unfair advantage to other athletes.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators in Your System

This section will cover how long some of the popular SARMs stay in your system.


A previous study shows that Ostarine metabolites can stay in your system for up to nine days and can be easily detected using a urine lab test. Anecdotal evidence collected by researchers showed that the average period taken by the body to eject the Ostarine metabolites entirely is ten days.


A study on how long Ligandrol stays in the human body showed that the SARM compound could be detected even 22 days after the last consumption. The detection was done using a urine laboratory test. Ligandrol takes much longer than Ostarine, even though the two have the same half-life. If you are taking SARM products containing Ligandrol, you must stay at least thirty days after the last consumption to pass a SARM drug test.

RAD 140

The Moscow Anti-doping center conducted research on this topic. Findings from the research revealed that RAD 140 could be detected in the system of athletes up to eight days after the last consumption. During the research, the subjects were administered a single daily dosage of 10mgs. There are no specific figures for bodybuilders who consume large amounts of the compounds for more extended periods. However, anecdotal evidence estimates that bodybuilders will need to wait for at least 21 days before their bodies can fully eject the metabolites from their system.


Research studies on the effect of Andarine on humans were discontinued in the early stages. Therefore there is very little information regarding the half-life of Andarine and how long it stays in your system after the last consumption. There are no published clinical studies or research about Andarine. Nevertheless, some anecdotal reports suggest that 14 days is the maximum period in which the compound can be detected in a user’s urine.


A study was performed to observe the YK11’s in vivo metabolism, which showed that researchers couldn’t detect traces of the compound in the user’s urine after 24 hours. However, other metabolites associated with the compound remained traceable for 2 days and even much longer. Reference from anecdotal evidence shows that the YK11 metabolites are fully expelled from the body in one to two weeks.


Athletes using the MK-677 need to be extra careful if they plan on passing any SARM drug test. Manfred Donike Workshop conducted a study which showed that 10mgs of Ibutamoren taken once remained traceable for two weeks after the last consumption. There were traces of multiple Ibutamoren metabolites. Therefore, athletes must wait a minimum of 30 days before their bodies can fully eject the metabolites of the compound.


Cardarine metabolites can be detected in the human urine even 40 days after consumption. Researchers discovered the findings during a research study. When Cardarine was compared to GW0742, experts discovered that the latter had more metabolites in the urine test compared to GW0742. The studies showed that GW0742 was a better compound than Cardarine.

Athletes need to understand how long SARM products stay in their system before they can start using any other bodybuilding product. Most SARMs and SARM-related products will stay in your system for about 14 to 21 days, even though compounds like Cardarine take much longer. It’s best to follow the correct dosage to ensure the body ejects the compounds at an optimal time.

If you don’t need to worry about an upcoming test, you can use any SARMs you prefer. Professional athletes, however, need to be extra careful with the SARM products they use, especially when preparing for an athletes’ test.