When to take Dianabol: Before or After The Workout

When to take Dianabol

Dianabol (Metandienone) is a widespread steroid among bodybuilders. When using the compound, there are several vital factors that bodybuilders need to consider for them to get maximum results from Dianabol. Being one of the most common steroids used by bodybuilders, Dianabol is one of the most famous and powerful steroids that novice bodybuilders begin with. Additionally, it’s easily accessible, affordable, and with manageable side effects. However, there are necessary precautions that one needs to take when using Dianabol, as some bodybuilders have reported severe side effects. Most bodybuilders experience side effects because they don’t follow the required instructions or use the substance properly.

Taking Dianabol

One of the essential precautions when taking oral steroids is taking them on an empty stomach. When you take oral steroids with food, the food will decrease the steroid’s bioavailability. It’s also recommended to use steroids when you are not hungry. The other fundamental trick is knowing the best time to take your Metandienone steroids.

When to Take Metandienone

The Metandienone steroid is readily available and affordable to most bodybuilders. It is known to achieve a tremendous increase in lean mass in users. Hence it is most recommended for users in the lean muscle growth phase and not in a fat loss phase. The compound easily converts into estrogen and triggers bloating, hence very reliable in the bulking stage.

The dosage timing guides the perfect time for Metandienone and the dosage protocols a bodybuilder will choose. Hence, one can take the Metandienone before or after a workout session.

Dosage Timing

When taking the Metandienone steroid, follow the following dosage timing protocols.

  • Use one large dosage: Metandienone has a short half-life (4.5 to six hours). Hence using a larger dosage is recommended. The compound is very effective in nutrient partitioning, moving nutrients from the body’s blood vessels to the muscles. One massive dosage before training will help in triggering muscle growth. However, one is at higher risk of suffering from side effects.
  • Splits doses: if you want a stable level of Metandienone, you can opt for split doses. The split dosage also reduces the risk of suffering from side effects and requires one to take Metandienone at five to six hours intervals. The recommended dosage would be a minimum of 5mg.

When to Take Metandienone: Before or After Workout

The timing of taking the Metandienone steroid is very crucial during the cycle. The Metandienone steroid falls in the Testosterone family and isn’t a neural factor in the user’s fitness regimen. Bodybuilders can take the Metandienone steroid before or after a workout, depending on their preferred dosage protocol. The mechanism of the steroid works the same way regardless of the time it is consumed by the bodybuilder.

Taking Metandienone massively increases nutrient partitioning, driving amino acids and carbohydrates into the muscles. Both post and pre-workout timing are perfect for nutrient partitioning. Ideally, one can opt for the time when they experience fewer side effects after consuming the steroid. Bodybuilders tend to feel the effect of the Metandienone steroid immediately after consumption, even though the results will be noticeable after two weeks.

The Metandienone Cycle

Metandienone is a steroid. Hence one isn’t recommended to use for a long time. During your Metandienone cycle, taking the necessary precaution to achieve the best results and minimal side effects from the compound is essential. The recommended oral Metandienone cycles should be between six to eight weeks. Oral steroids are 17-Alpha Alkylated, meaning they need to survive the first pass in the stomach. It also makes them very toxic to the liver; stacking the Metandienone steroid with other health supplements can reduce its toxicity to the liver.

Precautions during the Metandienone Cycle

When taking any steroid, bodybuilders must take the necessary precautions to ensure they are safe from possible side effects while getting maximum results. Every bodybuilder should have a goal before starting their Metandienone Cycle, as it will make it easy for one to follow and stick to the cycle.

The following tips are crucial before you start your Metandienone Cycle:

  • Splitting your doses: if your dosage is more than 5mg, then you should take your split dosage 30 minutes before your post-workout meal or your biggest meal of the day.
  • Training accordingly and following a good diet: the effectiveness of Metandienone is very dependent on one training effectively and following a healthy diet. Your diet should be a calorie-surplus diet to ensure you achieve your bulking goals.
  • Protein intake: during the Metandienone Cycle, the steroid will increase your estrogen levels. Hence your diet doesn’t need to have plenty of protein.
  • Liver protection compounds: when you start the Metandienone Cycle, you expose your liver to possible toxicity from the steroid. You must take liver protection supplements during the Metandienone Cycle.

The Metandienone steroid is a muscle-building steroid and comes with several side effects like other steroids. Liver toxicity is the most common side effect of the compound; however, there are other side effects associated with the compound. The Metandienone steroid causes an increase in estrogen, which can trigger Gyno if the estrogen levels are unchecked. It can also cause negative flax on the Hypothalamus, reducing the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH). Water retention is another side effect that is associated with the steroid. Luckily bodybuilders can take necessary precautions to avoid these side effects. You can take the Metandienone steroid before or after your workout session because the steroid has the same functionality. Being one of the most potent anabolic steroids, Metandienone can help you achieve your bulking goals as a bodybuilder in just eight weeks.

 The Metandienone steroid is one of the best anabolic steroids on the market. Whether you take it as a pre-workout or a post-workout steroid, you are guaranteed the best result, so long as you take the necessary precautions.