How to Buy SARMs

How to Buy SARMs

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are becoming very popular among athletes and bodybuilders and are considered the safer option than anabolic steroids. The compounds are associated with impressive lean muscle gains, muscle strength and fat-burning effect. As it continues to gain more popularity, interested users are wondering where they can purchase the compounds and specifically how to buy SARMs online.

There are different retail and online stores selling SARM compounds. Potential SARM product users must use high-quality SARMs to avoid possible side effects. There are various factors which determine the reliability of a SARM products supplier. Currently, SARM products are categorized as research chemicals and aren’t approved by the FDA for human consumption. Buying or selling SARM compounds labeled and packaged as dietary supplements is technically illegal.  

Brands can’t market SARM products to the public, nor can claims about their benefits be advertised to the public. They must be sold as research or laboratory chemicals only, in order to avoid crossing legal boundaries.  Athletes depend on professional and expert reviews and recommendations when looking for a SARM supplier. This detailed guide provides all the key facts you need when shopping for SARMs.

Factors to Consider When Looking For a SARM Supplier

There are different types of SARM compounds in the market. They have different potency levels and effects, suitable for different user needs. Fitness experts recommend the following SARM products; Ostarine (MK-2866), Ligandrol (LGD-4033), Testolone (RAD-140) and Andarine (S-4). After picking your preferred SARM based on your muscle-building needs, you must find a reputable vendor. 

Below are vital factors to consider when looking for a reputable SARM vendor:

Do they have the correct licensing? 

Many online stores, retail chemists, and suppliers will claim to sell high-quality SARM products. Determining whether the compounds are quality tested or it’s just a marketing strategy isn’t easy. Novice buyers of supplements will lack the skills to know which vendors sell original high-quality dietary supplements and research chemicals. Experienced supplement users can also struggle to find the best SARM vendor since the product is relatively new in the market.

The vendor must have the proper license to sell dietary supplements and research chemicals. SARMs are still classified under research chemicals and can’t be sold by vendors who don’t have the necessary permits. The vendor should be licensed to sell SARM products and other research chemicals like peptides. Licenses are issued to vendors who adhere to the set regulations and meet the minimum requirements set by the law.

Most top brands and companies making SARM compounds don’t supply their products to unlicensed vendors. You can request the vendor to show you their license when shopping at a retail store or chemist. If you buy online, you can check whether the website has posted its updated license. Unlicensed buyers will most likely sell fake products or products that don’t have the SARM compounds they claim.

The prices of the SARM products

Most supplement companies sell their products on various platforms; some even have their eCommerce storefront. The brand’s eCommerce stores allow users to purchase directly from the manufacturer and get a fantastic discount. Unfortunately, some buyers might not have the luxury of waiting for the shipping period, or the company might not be shipping to one’s location.

The price of SARM products will vary depending on the vendor. The best vendors will offer a market price close to what the manufacturer provides on their website. Avoid vendors selling SARM products at a very high price or low price. The best SARM products in the market usually are moderately priced based on industry-standard rates.

The manufacturer sets the market price based on the SARM-making procedure involving certain vital ingredients and components. The ingredients are procurable and formulated either locally or internationally. Vendors who go way above or below the market price are a red flag. Make purchases from vendors with realistic market prices.

Examining the user reviews

Reviews by previous buyers are crucial in determining the overall reputation of a vendor. They show the quality of the products, the customer support services, and the complaint handling approaches of the vendor. From the reviews, you can clearly understand the quality of the products being sold by the supplier and whether they are original and quality tested.

Reddit reviews are an excellent place to check for SARM vendor reviews. Some unscrupulous vendors pay people to submit fake reviews. It’s crucial to be extra careful when looking at the buyers’ reviews on various platforms. For instance, you can check for reviews from only verified purchases and look at how detailed the review is. Shortlist the reviews based on the buyers’ reputation and customer testimonials on other related products.

Detailed customer reviews will help you know the possible side effects of a particular SARM compound. Apart from vendors, some manufacturers hire content writers to give detailed reviews about the SARM products and lure unsuspecting clients. Platforms like Amazon allow verified buyers to submit reviews and edit them based on their experience using the product.

Calling the company and confirming claims in a review is another way to examine user reviews. You can request references from the company of reputable buyers who have used their products in the past. You should consider another supplier or brand if a vendor or company stalls when you request references or refuse to provide such information.

If you are purchasing from a general medical store in your area, you can consider the general hygiene of the place. Are the supplements and other research chemicals on the shelves affected by any contaminants, moisture, or dust? SARM products require specific storage requirements, which every SARM vendor needs. Check if the products are expired or close to expiring. Examining the expiration date will protect you from purchasing contaminated products and possible health complications.

Checking the vendor’s insurance claim and availability 

When buying any supplement or research chemical, it’s crucial to ensure the vendor has an updated insurance claim. An insurance claim is an added security and guarantee in case something goes wrong during the SARM cycle. Lack of insurance might not mean the vendor has low-quality products, but it adds more assurance that they are high-quality service providers.

An insurance claim will help you differentiate the good professional vendors from the bad. Vendors with insurance covers for their customers are willing to take accountability for anything that happens to their customers.

Suppose you are purchasing a SARM product from a retail chemist. It’s best to confirm their availability. Unscrupulous vendors selling fake SARM products will likely disappear after selling you the product. There are possible side effects associated with SARM products, and the supplier should be able to provide you with the professional assistance in dealing with potential side effects.

Pick a supplier who will be available should something go wrong. Suppliers selling high-quality SARM compounds will even provide you with contact information if you need any future assistance.

Where can I buy SARM products online?

There are several places where one can buy SARM products online. While physical stores and chemists are excellent options, online stores are the most preferred. After looking into how to buy SARMs online, you’ll find that there are two main places where one can purchase legitimate SAR compounds online.

Manufacturer’s official website: most reputable SARM brands have their eCommerce storefronts where they sell their product. The main benefit of purchasing these compounds from the manufacturer’s official website is the assurance of high-quality products. They also offer fantastic feedback on customer inquiries and after-sale services, and most retailers purchase their supplies from the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, customers are eligible for excellent discounts and offers when they make purchases at the brand’s storefront.

Online eCommerce dietary supplement platforms: various platforms exclusively sell nutritional supplements and research chemicals to athletes. Beyond Research is one of the best online stores where customers can find multiple research chemicals, including top-quality SARM products. Other popular e-commerce platforms include ScienceBio, Cheymo, Swiss Chems, and Behemoth Labz. These online stores are legitimate, with plenty of high-quality SARM products.

Online eCommerce platforms: many dietary supplements and research chemicals are being sold on platforms like Amazon. When shopping for SARM products on online stores like Amazon or eBay, it’s best to buy from the brand’s official page. Most eCommerce platforms allow companies to set up their storefront on their platforms, where they can sell their product. You can find legitimate SARM products on Amazon if you check the SARM brand’s official storefront.

How to Remain Safe during SARM Cycles

SARM products are generally safe when used correctly. The possible side effects are mild and tolerable to most users. Users of SARM products are encouraged to follow some critical pointers during their SARM cycle to reduce the risk of possible side effects.

Purchasing high-quality SARM products

Buy SARM products which are 100% pure with no artificial compounds added to the product. The best vendor will seek the services of third-party testing and verification companies to determine the SARM products they are selling are pure. Using SARM products which aren’t pure puts you at risk of experiencing side effects during your SARM cycle. They can also cause severe health effects, especially when the added compounds are unsafe.

Stacking SARMs

Very little information and clinical evidence exist on how SARM products react with other dietary supplements and research chemicals. Experienced athletes might have the experience and knowledge of how to properly stack various supplements and rescan chemicals to achieve maximum muscle growth. When stacking SARM products, sticking to the proper dosage will ensure you don’t suffer side effects triggered by an overdose. Fitness experts recommend adjusting the dosages when stacking different SARM products to prevent a possible overdose.

Correct Stacking combination

Athletes who want to stack different SARM products should ensure they have the best combination. Stacking combinations have different results depending on the muscle-building needs and goals of the user. Athletes in a bulking phase will require different stacking combinations than those in a shredding phase. For instance, athletes in a bulking phase should use a stacking SARM combination of Cardarine, RAD-140 and Andarine.

Duration of SARM cycle

The duration of the SARM cycle lasts between ten to twelve weeks. The period is dependent on the type of SARM product you are using. Novice users of SARM products are advised to have a SARM cycle of between six to eight weeks. Experienced users can go up to 12 weeks in their cycle. Athletes shouldn’t use SARM products for more than 12 weeks. There is no evidence showing the side effects associated with long-term use of the compounds.

Observing your body’s reaction to the compounds

The human body reacts differently after ingesting foreign compounds, especially dietary supplements and research chemicals. Keep track of your health before starting the cycle, and observe any changes triggered by the compound. Athletes are encouraged to use PCT therapy or cycle support if they experience severe body changes. Additionally, they can adjust the dosage and type of SARM products they use during their SARM cycle. If you experience severe side effects, it’s best to stop using SARM products to avoid adverse effects on your health.


While many vendors sell SARM products, not all sell legitimate products. Dietary supplement companies are still researching and developing new SARM products. SARM products offer many muscle-building and fat-loss benefits that are very attractive to many athletes. Still, you can only reap these benefits by using high-quality SARM products. Research the available SARM products and only buy the products from a reliable vendor or store.


Buying SARM products can be challenging, especially if one is a novice consumer of dietary supplements and research chemicals. The above tips will ensure you get the most reputable vendor close to you, selling high-quality SARM products.