How Long for Rad-140 to Kick-In: Ultimate Guide to Rad140 for Bodybuilding

How Long for Rad-140 to Kick-In

Rad-140 is one of the most potent SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) and is commonly referred to as Testolone. Many bodybuilders love this selective androgen receptor modulator because it’s a performance enhancer, and some even consider it a safer option than anabolic steroids. However, like every other bodybuilding supplement without taking the necessary precautions, Rad-140 can be just as harmful as anabolic steroids. This detailed guide covers how to use Rad-140 for maximum results, minimum side effects, and learn how long it takes for Rad-140 to kick in.

What is Rad-140

Rad-140 was developed as a safer alternative to TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). It has proven to be very useful in dealing with muscle wasting health conditions by increasing lean muscle gain. Most athletes and bodybuilders use the Rad-140 compound to enhance performance by increasing size. However, the compound is unapproved and might cause serious side effects if not used appropriately.

Compared to other selective androgen receptor modulators in the market, the Rad-140 is the most potent SARM compound. It’s capable of boiling lean muscle mass and increased strength, much better than other SARM compounds like LGD-4033 and MK-2866. One essential precaution with Rad-140 is ensuring you purchase the compound from a trusted supplier. Even though appropriate use of Rad-140 minimizes side effects, one must undergo post-cycle therapy after completing their Rad-140 cycle.

Rad-140 Chemical Structure

  • Molecular Weight: 393.83
  • Chemical Formula: C20H16ClN5O2
  • CAS No.: 1182367-47-0

Benefits of Using Rad-140

Most bodybuilders and athletes using Rad-140 have given the SARM compound positive reviews regarding increased strength and lean muscle mass gain. The compound is perfect for the bulking and shredding stage because it can increase strength and trigger lean muscle mass gain. Some of the notable and confirmed benefits of using the Rad-140 SARM compound include the following:

  • Faster recovery after training.
  • Increased and faster lean muscle mass gain.
  • Enhanced performance and strength when training.
  • Increased muscle vascularity and fullness.

Even though users have reported the above benefits of Rad-140, the compound is still being investigated by Radius Health. The benefits of the compound are based on anecdotal reports and experiences, with no clinical studies or data to back up the claims.

The Rad-140 Dosage

The data about the chemical structure of the Rad-140 compound show that the SARM compound is a powerful Testolone. Hence, it’s paramount to observe the recommended dosage and avoid consuming too much of the compound. Research studies on Rad-140 show that the recommended dosage is 0.01mg per kg of one’s body weight. While more experienced athletes and bodybuilders can handle a daily dosage range from 5 to 20mg. Exceeding the 20mg limit will put you at higher health risks. Additionally, the Rad-140 recommended dosage information is based on anecdotal experiences.

These experiences also show that the ideal Rad-140 cycle should last between six to eight weeks. Running the cycle for more than eight weeks is hazardous. Since the Rad-140 compound has a half-life of 16 hours, during the Rad-140 cycle, bodybuilders should take the recommended dosage once every 24 hours. Thus maintaining stable levels of the compound in the bloodstream.

Rad-140 and Suppression

Anabolic steroids are known for causing suppression. Many bodybuilders considering Rad-140 are curious to know if the SARM compound causes any suppression. The selective androgen receptor modulator compounds used by bodybuilders tend to cause suppression. Suppression means the natural levels of testosterone in the body reduce. The level of suppression caused by Rad-140 varies from one user to another.

Since the Rad-140 compound causes suppression, athletes are encouraged to use a post-cycle therapy supplement, which will ensure the testosterone levels in the body are restored to optimal levels. The Rebirth PCT is one of the best PCT treatments after finishing a Rad-140 cycle because it uses different supplements to restore the testosterone hormone to its normal level.

The Rad-140 Side Effects

There are very few scientific research studies and evidence about Rad-140. Hence it’s hard to confirm the possible side effects of using the SARM compound. The lack of scientific evidence and studies on the compound is why athletes should avoid using the compound for now. Most of the side effects reported from using the compound are from anecdotal experiences. Side effects that have been commonly reported from anecdotal experiences include:

  • Suppression of the testosterone hormone.
  • Triggering aggression.
  • Causing nauseating experiences

While the above side effects could be triggered by incorrect dosage, there is still minimal evidence to back the claim. Additionally, the need for PCT therapy after completing a Rad-140 cycle confirms possible severe side effects associated with the SARM compound.

Even though Rad-140 is famed as a potent SARM compound, there is no scientific evidence and studies to back the claims or even confirm the possible side effects when using the compound. The compound is still under investigation, and any evidence in the future can claim the worst fear about the compound. Athletes who have dived into the deep sea and used the compound have reported excellent results in increased lean muscle mass gain and strength. The compound has proved very effective during the shredding and bulking stage, helping bodybuilders achieve their goals faster.

If you are still interested in using Rad-140, taking the necessary precautions is essential. First, you must ensure you purchase the SARM compound from a reliable supplier who sells 3rd party tested SARM compounds. Bodybuilders are advised to follow the recommended dosage throughout the entire Rad-140 cycle. Your cycle should not exceed eight weeks; after completing it, you should use the post-cycle support products and PCT. The recommended cycle support products are Defend cycle support and Rebirth PCT. The above tips will ensure you achieve your bodybuilding goals safely when using Rad-140.

SARM compounds are effective bodybuilding supplements but come with side effects. The best way to use them is by taking the necessary precautions and sticking to the correct dosage.