How Long Does Ostarine Stay In Your System?

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Bodybuilders can access various supplements they can use to attain their fitness goals. However, some of these compounds have adverse side effects, which can affect one’s health. Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are becoming a safer option compared to anabolic steroids. They provide bodybuilders with impressive lean muscle mass gains and strength without any health hazards.

Ostarine (MK 2866) is a popular SARM in the bodybuilding world. Athletes experience different metabolic changes when they take SARM products. Despite having impressive benefits, many athletes are still skeptical about using Ostarine and other SARM compounds. Ostarine doesn’t affect the non-skeletal muscle tissue. The androgenic activity only affects muscle tissue, hence making the compound very effective at lean muscle growth.

Since the world of professional athletes has some stigmas and rules around various performance-enhancing compounds, one of the key concerns of athletes is how long does MK 2866 stay in the body?

What is Ostarine (MK 2866)?

Ostarine is one of the selective androgen receptor modulators athletes use to gain lean muscle and lose body fat. The compound was developed to help patients with different health complications cope with cachexia or muscle wasting syndrome. Due to its impressive potency in building lean muscles and muscle strength, the compound has gained immense popularity in bodybuilding. Additional benefits of the compound include reducing body fat and improving testosterone levels in the body.

How Does Ostarine Work?

Ostarine works like other SARM compounds. After ingesting the compound, it will attach itself to the body’s androgen receptors. After bonding with the receptors, Ostarine triggers the androgen receptors to initiate fast lean muscle growth. Accentuating muscle growth by Ostarine is caused by changing the user’s genes, thus enhancing protein synthesis in the body. It ultimately causes increased muscle strength and muscle growth.

While Anabolic steroids have the same mechanism, Ostarine is preferred because it comes with more tolerable side effects. The compound doesn’t affect other body parts like the prostate.

Uses of Ostarine

Ostarine is among the popular SARMs being researched to determine their benefits and side effects. Due to its impressive benefits, many bodybuilders use Ostarine in their bulking and shredding phases. Health uses associated with Ostarine include:

  • The compound triggers increased lean muscle mass gains, making it suitable for people suffering from muscle wasting syndromes or cachexia.
  • People suffering from age-related muscle loss complications and symptoms of sarcopenia can use Ostarine to enhance muscle growth and strength.
  • Ostarine is also used to handle complications caused by inherited muscular dystrophy or muscle weakness disorder.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders use Ostarine to gain lean muscle mass, increase muscle strength, and lose body fat.

Best Time to Use Ostarine

Bodybuilders should take Ostarine after every 24 hours. Fitness experts discourage bodybuilders from ingesting Ostarine and other SARM products before starting their training or workout sessions. It’s best to take it early in the morning or after finishing your training sessions. Ostarine can be taken at any time during the day, same time daily. Experts encourage consistent dosage timing to ensure your body has stable blood (plasma) concentration levels. Anecdotal evidence shows that Ostarine has a 24 hours half-life. Hence athletes don’t need to ingest it more than once daily.

Proper Dosage Ostarine

Different factors determine the best Ostarine dosage for an athlete. Bodybuilders have different muscle gaining and growth goals. Hence they will require different doses of Ostarine. When picking the ideal dosage, key factors to consider are age, weight, metabolism rate, and health conditions. Even though there is no scientific evidence limiting the dosage of Ostarine, limiting the proper dosage will ensure you get optimal results from the product. The Ostarine cycle lasts between six to eight weeks. Extending the usage period can trigger side effects similar to those of steroids.

How Long Does Ostarine Stay in Your System?

Various studies have been conducted to determine how long Ostarine stays in the body of a user. Anecdotal evidence shows that the compound remains in the user’s bloodstream nine to ten days after the first consumption. After ten days, there won’t be any traces of the compound in your bloodstream or even urine.

Factors Affecting How Long Ostarine Will Stay in Your System

While anecdotal evidence shows the expected duration, Ostarine will stay in your bloodstream, and various key factors determine this. Some athletes will have a longer period compared to others based on the following factors:

  • Weight: athletes have different body weights, which greatly determines how long any SARM product stays in their bloodstream. Bodybuilders who weigh heavier will enjoy a speedier SARM clearance process than leaner bodybuilders. Hence a 140-pound sprinter and 200-pound bodybuilder will have different urine test results when tested for the presence of Ostarine product’s metabolites.
  • Genetics: our genetic composition plays an important role in fitness and bodybuilding. Your genetic composition determines how fast the enzymes in your body break down Ostarine for excretion. It can also affect how fast your kidney facilitates the excretion process. Good congenital traits will facilitate faster drug clearance in your system. Unfortunately, we can’t change genetics to give our body a speedier excretion process.
  • Metabolic rate: The process occurs in the liver and determines how fast your body breaks down products for excretion. Hence any external and internal factors affecting the functionality of your liver will ultimately affect how long Ostarine stays in your system. Factors like age, gender, physical fitness, and hormones determine how fast the liver facilitates the excretion of products from your bloodstream.
  • Dosage: athletes are encouraged to take the recommended dosage of Ostarine depending on their fitness journey. A bodybuilder who consumes higher doses of the SARM compounds will have the compound stay longer in their bloodstream compared to those consuming smaller quantities. Shorter time intervals between doses will also make the compounds stay longer in your bloodstream. However, this is also determined by your metabolic rate and the compounds’ half-life. 

Athletes are highly discouraged from mixing SARM products with other compounds. There is no evidence of how SARMs react with other bodybuilding compounds, medications, and alcohol. During any SARM cycle, avoid ingesting the compound with other supplements or fitness substances for best results and safety.

Additionally, athletes are encouraged to continue following a strict diet and training sessions. Bodybuilders who used Ostarine while following a strict diet and maintaining their training sessions reported impressive muscle gains and strength. Even though Ostarine triggers muscle growth, it can only function when supported by an active lifestyle and proper diet.

Understanding how long Ostarine stays in your system helps determine how soon you should start your PCT. Athletes planning to undergo a drug test should also understand how long SARMs stay in their systems. SARM is not FDA Approved and not allowed by the World Anti-doping Agency. Hence professional players need to ensure there are no traces of the compound in their blood. 

Using Ostarine for Bodybuilding and Fitness

Using Ostarine can trigger several health benefits for athletes and non-athletes. Bodybuilders using the compound report impressive muscle gain, strength, and loss of body fat. However, to fully reap the benefits of the compound and any possible side effects, athletes need to avoid misusing the drug. Taking the necessary precautions when using SARM products will guarantee optimal results. SARM products offer more conventional methods of gaining lean muscle without dealing with health hazards caused by anabolic steroids.

Athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain lean muscle mass, experience increased muscle strength, and lose body fat should buy Ostarine from a reputable retailer. Like other SARM compounds, Ostarine doesn’t have side effects associated with anabolic steroids and is very potent.