Comparing Floor Press vs Bench Press: Maximizing Chest Gains

When it comes to building a strong and well-developed chest, two staple exercises often come into play: the floor press and the bench press. Both movements target the chest muscles and contribute to upper body strength, but they have distinct differences that can influence the way you train and the gains you achieve. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll break down the floor press and bench press, highlighting their mechanics, benefits, and how you can use them to maximize your chest gains.

Floor Press: A Unique Variation

Mechanics: The floor press is performed by lying on the ground with your legs extended. You lift the barbell from the floor to a position above your chest, focusing on the pressing movement without the assistance of leg drive.


  • Shoulder-Friendly: The limited range of motion in the floor press can be gentler on the shoulders, making it a suitable option for those with shoulder issues.
  • Upper Range Strength: Since you start from a dead stop on the ground, the floor press emphasizes the upper range of the pressing motion, contributing to increased strength in that area.


  • Reduced Range of Motion: The floor press may not fully engage the lower chest due to the limited range of motion.

Bench Press: The Classic Choice

Mechanics: The bench press involves lying on a bench with your feet planted on the ground. You lift the barbell from a rack and lower it to your chest before pressing it back up.


  • Full Range Activation: The bench press allows for a complete range of motion, engaging both the upper and lower chest muscles.
  • Muscle Recruitment: The ability to use leg drive in the bench press allows for heavier loads, which can result in increased muscle recruitment and overall strength gains.


  • Shoulder Strain: Some individuals with existing shoulder issues may experience discomfort during the bench press, especially if improper form is used.

Maximizing Chest Gains: Incorporating Both Exercises

To make the most of your chest training, consider incorporating both the floor press and bench press into your routine.

Strength Emphasis: Incorporate the floor press to focus on strengthening your upper chest and the lockout portion of the press. This can improve your overall pressing strength.

Muscle Activation: Use the bench press to target both the upper and lower chest. Vary the grip width and incline angle to engage different muscle fibers for well-rounded development.

Variation: Rotating between the floor press and bench press can prevent plateaus and keep your workouts fresh and engaging.

Safety and Form: Regardless of the exercise, prioritize safety and proper form. Use a spotter for heavy lifts and gradually increase the weights you use.

Both the floor press and bench press offer unique advantages for chest development. Incorporating both exercises into your routine allows you to target different muscle fibers and maximize your chest gains. Whether you’re aiming for upper chest strength or complete chest activation, a well-rounded approach that includes both exercises can lead to a more balanced and impressive chest.